Dogs are for everyone who wants one to care for

John Palino's animal welfare policy

Perhaps today is the day that poor people can afford a dog. I urge you all to read John Palino's animal welfare policy:

Under a Palino-led Council, several major changes are likely:

  1. Existing animal control contracts will be reviewed, with a view to replacing the focus on profit with an approach that encourages responsible pet ownership and supports Aucklanders’ right to enjoy the company of their four-legged friends.
  2. The current euthanasia rates will be addressed. A focus on rehoming unwanted animals rather than euthanising will be introduced.

Award for dog who took a bullet for handler

This best friend saved a life::

A police dog who saved his handler by leaping into the path of a bullet has been posthumously recognised for his actions.

Senior Constable Bruce Lamb's police dog Gage was fatally shot in what should have been a routine drugs search in a Christchurch house in July, 2010.

Gage leapt into the path of a bullet, helping to save the life of his handler and that of Constable Mitchell Alatalo, who was also injured during the incident in Buccleugh Street.

'Annoying' dog saves owner's life

The NZ Herald writes that Col Sheehan has survived a brush with death - and he thanks dog for that:

"The dog annoyed the hell out of me - he was licking my face and carrying on, there was no way I was going to get any rest - he just wouldn't give up either," Mr Sheehan said. "He was carrying on like something was wrong - and he was right."


"So on the way past I picked up the phone and called the medical centre."

Putting a Price on the Love of a Pet

In the land of the free the same thing can happen to a dog as here:

A summer thunderstorm hit the Fort Worth area, and spooked Avery enough that he bolted from the Medlens’ backyard and was picked up by Fort Worth Animal care and Control. The Medlens went to the shelter to get Avery back but didn’t have enough cash with them to pay the fee, so they were forced to return and Avery was given a “hold for owner” tag. When the Medlens returned to pick up Avery though, they were told that due to a mix-up, Avery had ended up on the list of unwanted dogs to be euthanized and had been put to sleep.

Cesar Millan, aka the dog whisperer, has arrived in NZ

From Stuff:

dog whisperer Cesar Millan doesn't see a difference between a billionaire's dog and the furry friend of a homeless person.

How sad we do in NZ.

Tornado dog walks home on two broken legs

Amazing story:

A little dog, carried away by one of the Alabama tornadoes, somehow made it back home, two weeks later, walking on two broken legs! His name is "Mason" and he was in his owners' garage, when the storm blew him away.

Follow the money (US story)

Cash-strapped LA going after unlicensed dogs

...Council President Eric Garcetti estimates two-thirds of the city's dogs are unlicensed. Licenses cost $15 for a sterilized dog and $100 for an unaltered pet.

Getting all dogs licensed would mean at least an additional $3.6 million in fees to the city.

Has 'paranoia of dogs' gone too far?

From KC DOG BLOG, in America, but so familiar here:

Two 'pit bulls' in Crawford County, MI are on death row -- but not for reasons you might suspect.

No mercy, never mercy

A report by TVNZ:

An Auckland dog owner is up in arms after animal control officers broke into his fenced backyard and took his dog.

The family pet was seized because its registration had expired but the owner believes the council overreacted. ...

"We were essentially 18 days overdue and it seems like a really radical step," says Broderick.

Animal Control actually went to great lengths to capture the dog.

They came down the side of the property and reaching the gate, which is locked from the inside, neighbours said they then jumped the fence and dragged Stanley away. ...

DSSLTD Rules the Roost.

Photo will be posted.
Story received recently - edited.

" I live in Papatoetoe and recently one of my dogs barked, which usually means somethings up. I am retired and feel safe because if they bark there is always something up. In 5 mins the dog catchers were at the front door saying they had a NEIGHBOUR COMPLAINT THAT A DOG HAD BARKED. Both of my dogs were loaded in the van and they were gone. They werent registered because I dont have much money left over every week and I asked if I could pay off the registration like I do with all my other bills but they just wouldnt let me. They said pay the cash in 7days or we kill your dogs.

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